Placesproperty reviewBlending Sustainability with Comfortable Living

Blending Sustainability with Comfortable Living

Baufritz’s model house Lichtblick represents a culmination of four years research creating a prototype for modern living

Lichtblick heralds a new chapter in healthier sustainable construction, without having to compromise on living comfort. With the help of sophisticated innovation, highly efficient climate protection technology, the Baufritz health concept and highly flexible compact planning, the newest model house is the healthiest.

House and living space concept

The organic family house with a smart natural wooden exterior, not only delivers state of the art sustainability, but also the modern style preferences of many clients.

At around 190 square meters and spread over two floors, it is based on the Austria Vorarlberg architectural style.

With visual highlights, such as a weather-protected comfortable balcony and a design statement of the two terraces, the house allows seamless movement between inside and out, which underlines the importance of nature in daily living.

The horizontal, rough sawn, untreated Credo spruce facade shapes the appearance of the house. The filigree narrow slats provide a stylish partial view of the balcony and the structurally strong wood decor inserts between the windows, give the house a look of special charm.

On the ground floor, large window doors were used, which allow free access to the terrace from the kitchen/living area. As a result, the house benefits from plenty of natural daylight. In the private living rooms on the upper floor, size-optimised windows provide light-flooded bright rooms, while offering increased protection from summer heat, a very important factor for Ultra-Low-Energy houses, where over heating must be mitigated. The dimensions were planned with a deliberate simplicity and reduction to the essentials, which in turn is reflected in the classic, matt-black tiled pitched roof without roof overhangs. The large photovoltaic system, underlines the innovative house technology, which is a central component of the overall concept.

Lichtblick is a CO2-neutral building, which takes into account the often concealed “grey energy”. Embedded carbon in building manufacturing materials such as concrete, as well as a historic tendency to send materials to landfill, results in a high carbon footprint. Baufritz addresses this problem in a number of ways. Their primary manufacturing material is wood. They source from certified sustainable forests. In fact, they believe all building materials should be as natural as possible. As all their houses are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory, waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

A special highlight is the concept of the “growing house”, with flexible future living configurations according to the changing needs and wishes of its residents. In this way, an extension building can be docked, connected via a cube element, with which the house can grow as needed. Additional storage and living space can thus be created, whether for guests, a larger home office or an independent apartment.

The new Baufritz model house “Lichtblick” delivers living and life with the highest possible health and climate protection, while creating a flexible future living configuration entirely according to the changing needs and wishes of its residents.

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