Huzar (Father of Vision)

Breed: Polish warmblood.
Age: 17
Likes: Carrots and swimming in the sea.
Hates: Cold baths.
If I was human I would be: A true gentleman.

Wants: The lawn as my own private paddock.
Interesting facts: I don’t wear shoes I am barefoot but have a pair of horse trainers for going on the roads.

Most impressive thing I’ve ever done: I am, as far as I am aware, the only Jersey based stallion to have competed Grand Prix dressage locally.

Karrie Davies
Breed: Human.
Age: 28
Likes: Lazy Sundays.

Hates: Green vegetables.

If I was an animal I would be: A cat.

Wants: The warm weather to come back!

Interesting facts: I’ve broken two limbs and a finger in two years, all to do with horses!

Most impressive thing ever done: Compete at Grand Prix dressage.

Vision (Son of Huzar)

Breed: Polish / Dutch warmblood.
Age: 3
Likes: Fuss and attention.
Hates: Being last out to the field.
If I was a human I would be: An excitable playful child.
Wants: Play time, to be all of the time.
Interesting facts: I broke my leg at 11 months old.
Most impressive thing I’ve ever done: I won my very first show at 15 months old.