Breed: Human (or dancer)

Age: 32

Likes: McDonalds, steak, rum, mint choc chip ice cream

Hates: Bad drivers, people at petrol stations, taking too long in a queue, men in their 30s looking like they’re auditioning for One Direction…. So many things – I’m a real grump.

If animal would be: King Julien the ring tailed lemur from Madagascar, he is awesome

Wants: A new Range Rover like James Bond’s

Interesting facts: I used to live in Miami working at a golf resort, but left living the dream to become an accountant!

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Got carpet burns doing a knee slide across the floor in McBrides bar in Barbados trying to impress Louise (but it worked)!


Breed: Boxer

Age: 4

Likes: Eleanor, rock pooling at Beau Port and a roast dinner on a Sunday

Hates: My nemesis the squirrel

If human would be: Louise’s husband Julian, he’s cheeky & disobedient – just like me!

Wants: The living room door to be left open so I can sleep on the sofa during the day

Interesting facts: I’m a rescue dog from the JSPCA, which gets me out of all kinds of trouble

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Making a bed for myself out of Louise’s wedding dress… For some reason she wouldn’t let me keep it though.


Breed: Human

Age: 30

Likes: Rum, cocktails, dessert and going somewhere hot on holiday… Preferably all at the same time

Hates: Abba

Wants: A Dachshund – Bertie would love a doggy friend

If animal would be: Bertie, he eats, sleeps and lounges by the fire, sounds good to me!

Interesting facts: I name all my cars after Thomas the tank engine characters

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Getting my 30th birthday present 6 months early