Dave Crossland and Alfie

Name: Dave Crossland 
Breed:  Yorkshireman
Age: 34
Likes: Music, Wine, Food
Hates: Moths, wasps and hire cars
If an animal, I would be : Bassett Hound….dressed as Sherlock Holmes!
Wants: Euromillions win and an apartment in Tuscany
Interesting facts: I speak fluent Italian
Most impressive thing ever done: I have a 2nd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Name: Alfie (aka Alfatron, The Tron, Alfatronicus, Walfers)
Breed: Parsons Russell (with a couple of bits thrown in!)
Age: 1
Likes: Anything that squeaks, long walks, digging in the garden
Hates: Having nails clipped, been told not to dig in the garden, having squeaky things taken from me
If human, I would be : A cheeky cockney
Wants: Squeaky things, long nails, toast
Interesting facts: I can eat most treats without chewing!
Most impressive thing ever done: I can fit a tennis ball, soft squeaky toy, tug rope and chew toy in my mouth at the same time….and you can’t get them off me.