Creative agency Oi is supporting local charity Jersey Employment Trust (hereafter JET) in their invaluable social enterprise to open a 1,700 ft new Acorn Reuse Centre in Trinity, benefiting disadvantaged islanders, the environment and the Jersey community. Oi’s Jersey office on the first floor of Liberty Wharf underwent a refurbishment recently to allow for more staff as the agency continues to grow. It has donated nine large wooden desks to JET to fit out their new Reuse Centre, which will play an integral part in the island’s ongoing household waste management strategy. As a trading company of JET, Acorn will utilise the donated desks, originally made from wood from the former abattoir on the Liberty Wharf site, in the new storage workshop and for people with a disability or long-term health condition to make items available for sale. The Acorn Reuse Centre is the most ambitious social enterprise project ever undertaken in Jersey. Peter Grange, Chief Executive Officer at Oi, stressed the importance of supporting environmentally friendly, local initiatives.