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10 year old snooker champion Archie Greier from Samares school has won another trophy in Swindon’s Cuestars league tournament. He smashes those way above his age bracket in the U21s, standing on his tiptoes and using a cue-extension to reach the middle of the table.

Pocket money is in decline, with weekly earnings averaging at £3.78 (down 10p from last year). Things are not as bad as they seem, due to kids finding new income streams to subsidise the loss. One-off chores and entrepreneurship show high profitability, with an average of £9.23 earned a week.

80 year old trees set to benefit from the upcoming Sunset Concert. Proceeds will be going towards the protection of the island’s coastline, in partnership with Jersey Opera House. ‘Intense damage’ to the site after Storm Ciaran has been tended to, with tree surgeons working to save these elderly trees.

£100,000 has been spent on St John’s Road, in the form of U-turns, diversions and reversals. Criticism has spurred a six-month one-way trial, in an attempt to quell the road’s reckless spending.

14 year-old Buttons has made history as the first dog to be allowed in Jersey’s Royal Court, as owner Julie Daly-Wallman was sworn in as a Jersey Roads Inspector.

66 metre vessel, owned by Liverpool FC’s owner, is the largest private vessel the island has ever birthed. The luxury super yacht, housing an outdoor swimming pool and helicopter pad, was a cool £63 million.

3-18 year old students will be able to attend Romanian classes at Plat Douet School in an attempt to keep the language alive on the island.

10 tracks were recorded by La Moye Prisoners alongside UK charity ‘Finding Rhythms’. They report it was “the best week of their life”, allowing them to express their feelings and “dare to dream”.

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