Or was it an 'orb'…? Spooky.

In October, Deputy Kevin Lewis felt obliged to raise his concerns with fellow States members about the proposed visit to Jersey of the medium, Derek Acorah, who plans to perform at Fort Regent.

Acorah gained celebrity status among fans of the paranormal when he appeared on the popular TV series, Most Haunted, alongside the increasingly nerve-shot figure of Yvette Fielding.

Acorah has had a fair amount of success exhibiting his claimed talents for being able to communicate beyond the grave – a power that Deputy Montfort Tadier must no doubt feel he shares when addressing the House.  

Deputy Lewis feared ‘vulnerable’ Islanders might be at risk by Acorah’s show, believing it to be ‘inappropriate’ entertainment. (Come on Deputy, we know he’s a scouser but there’s a limit to what he can nick from the stage. There’ll be lights on him the whole time for cripe’s sake.)

The States appeared to disagree with Deputy Lewis. In fact, some of them were severely cheesed-off that he’d raised it.

To note, Treasury Minister, Philip Ozouf, shed light on how the States chamber can get sidetracked from discussing ‘real issues’. In his speech to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce in March 2010, he said, “up until last week the Assembly has spent nearly 90 per cent of its time this year on backbencher propositions – it’s time to concentrate on the things that really matter”.

Out of interest, Gallery learned recently that a community of psychics in England were forced to cancel a society open day citing “unforeseen circumstances”. (You can’t write that. That’s genius.)