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Promotions all round
at PricewaterhouseCoopers
PricewaterhouseCoopers Channel Islands firm has announced that three staff in Jersey have been promoted to Senior Manager level, whilst a further eight have been made Manager.The staff have been promoted to reflect the continued effort they have put into the firm?s structured development programmes.


The staff who have been made Senior Manager are as follows: Lisa McClure joined PwC Guernsey in 2003 and is a real estate specialist. After a short secondment to the Sydney office in 2007, she moved to Jersey earlier this year. Chris Gillat is a specialist in banking, fiduciary and investment management and also assists in PwC?s forensic services area. Chris joined PwC Jersey in 2004. Helen Whale has over 20 years experience in tax work. After moving to Jersey in 1992, she joined PwC in 2000, where she specialises in corporate and offshore trusts tax work.

The staff who have been promoted to Manager are:  Kate Bonser, who joined PwC in 2003, specialises in private equity and has just commenced a secondment to the PwC global network?s Australian firm, currently working in their Sydney office; Tom Simpson, who moved to Jersey in 2003 and is a specialist in private equity and banking; Matt Garstang, who joined PwC in 2004 after having undertaken a placement as a student and is a specialist in fund management and compliance; Lauren Power, who moved to PwC Jersey in 2007 and is a specialist in real estate and technical work; James Bryant, who specialises in retail and hedge funds having joined PwC Jersey in 2003; Martin Edwards, who has worked at PwC Jersey for five years and focuses primarily on financial services clients; Paul Conroy, who began working at PwC Jersey in 2004 and who has expertise in trust companies and property funds; and Swapnil Kale, who is a graduate of Mumbai University and focuses on financial services clients.