Target Audience

Gallery?s mission to ?educate, amuse and entertain? isn?t exclusive or prejudice. We don?t believe age or income should dictate enjoyment. Whether you?re 18 or 80, if you have a sense of humour and an interest in popular culture, we hope you?ll find something you like in Gallery. Our unique consumer pull distribution means our readership are ?opt in? readers. Our readers choose Gallery because they love it, and that?s why we love them. From CEOs to OAPs, VIPs to MIAs, Gallery appeals across the board.

Gallery features topical editorial, news, reviews and listings for individuals in any age bracket but our core audience is 20-50 year olds. We are aware, however, that age is a state of mind! so we figure our readership falls outside these parameters and hope that people young and old enjoy our content. Gallery is here for anyone interested in fashion, culture, sports, beauty, health and culture, home & interiors and design.

We use contacts and writers within this bracket and give them freedom of speech to cover issues that of interest to their peers. Our Respite is engaging, relevant, funny, inteligent content that engages our reader. If you are targeting this key and influential socio demographic group, Gallery Magazine is a powerful tool to convey key information about products and services in the right editorial environment to a public with high disposable income.