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Gallery Magazine is a premier periodical to showcase your products, services or venue and a powerful tool to convey your marketing message to the Jersey public.


quality first and foremost

Gallery is committed to being the best quality media on the island. We?re not about promoting other companies we own, we?re not about ?pile it high, sell it cheap? production. We don’t pretend to have other magazines in the UK! we’re all about being Jersey’s best magazine. Simple as that. We know that the quality of our magazine reflects on the companies that use us to market their products. For that reason , combined with our continuing desire to bring Jersey a magazine it deserves, we will always strive to produce a publication of the highest possible quality.

readership age is a state of mind

We know we can?t be all things to all people but we also know is that we?ve struck a chord in Jersey. and that our positioning is sociographic rather than demographic.. Gallery is targeted at forward thinking readers with a sense of humour. We could say 20-50 ABC1, but that doesn?t give the essence. We?ve learnt about our readers, they?re savvy, they?re fashionable, they like nice things. Gallery?s content is designed to reflect this. Gallery?s reader dresses well, spends money on themselves and their homes and likes to go out to eat, drink and be entertained and these are the consumers that you probably want to attract to your business.

distribution targeted and thought out

Gallery is distributed from the first day of the month to Jersey businesses, venues, premier hotels & delivered by post to key postcodes and addresses, ensuring a full month long advertising exposure, ensuring maximum OTS (opportunities to see) for your communication. 10,000 copies are distributed in Jersey to a key audience of 26,000 individuals. Unlike other magazines, Gallery?s quality ensures that it remains long after the month of distribution. You will see past copies gracing the receptions and coffee tables of discerning Jersey businesses why should you want to advertise and feature in Gallery when there are other magazines and media platforms to consider?

experience matters

Gallery magazine was founded by individuals with experience of placing communication in the local media. The goal was to create a magazine with better quality content and realistic advertising rates. Although Gallery is advertising funded, rather than sell advertising space, we try our hardest to build a quality relationship with our clients and assist in the formulation of your integrated marketing campaign. Gallery prides itself on a personal and open service . We bend over backwards to get our communication looking it?s best and in the right place. We won?t place your ad in a double page of other ads that don?t have anything to do with your business! That?s a promise.

content comprehensive and engaging

Regular ongoing features include: local news, events, music, culture, fashion, beauty, home, property, way now? recruitment specials three times a year, gadgets, motoring, listings, our new ?snapper? pages, local listings, a monthly diary. Our market leading fashion features and photo shoots are consistently high quality, no cheesy catalogue pages here! Gallery is produced by marketing professionals who understand the marketplace and the strategies required to appeal modern consumer. Other magazines favour advertising over content but what?s the point of a magazine if it?s boring and gets thrown away? Gallery is never more than 1/4 advertisements.

production that reflects your quality

Gallery uses premium quality materials. All advertising can be full colour (at a resolution of 300DPI), maximising impact and message and all advertisements are right hand page as standard with no premium charged. Our print quality means no smudges, out of focus artwork or poor production quality. We also strive to place you in the most suitable editorial environment, not thrown in willy-nilly on double pages of other ads, meaning your message is never lost.

To learn how you can benefit from Gallery’s added value approach to marketing and advertising call us on 01534 811100 or email


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