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With the perfect mix of content focused on local lifestyle, culture and business, Gallery is the best way for quality brands to get consistent marketing messages across in quality periodical print.

Focused on ‘life and style’ in Jersey, the intention is to communicate style beyond fashion and beauty; representing the unique local style of Jersey in all ways; through fashion, events, culture, property, interiors, retail and beyond, all with an editorial voice that is approachable and casual.

The result is communication and advertising success for brands that choose us to communicate with potential clients. With pick-up and distribution beyond that of the usual business magazines, Gallery also provides greater cut-through for businesses looking to communicate a business message in a popular format.

We mix business with pleasure.

Gallery’s targeting transcends the business and lifestyle boundaries. By establishing a broad, inclusive brand personality, we ensure we’re read by graduates, young professionals and still reach those in the boardroom.

When you communicate with a Gallery reader, you do so in a magazine they have chosen to pick up because they enjoy a strong bond with the people and subjects covered within our pages. We’re a local title, so ensure that our readership are our content as a ‘gallery’ of Jersey society. 

Go beyond digital with your marketing campaigns.

If you want to reach a new recruit or a forward- thinking Gen X/Y/Zer in a format that they don’t just want to swipe left for, our pages are for you and your marketing messages.