Kimberley Girl

Brian  Lanigera Chinchilla



Kimberley 30

Brian 2



Kimberley  Cheese (the food stuff and type of music!)

Brian  Peas and toilet roll tubes



Kimberley  Spiders and mastication!

Brian  Mum and Dad going on holiday

If you could be any human or animal:  

Kimberley  Brian! (He’s got a great life)

Brian Stephen Fry, I would make myself laugh all day!



Kimberley  A dog called Dave

Brian  A “Mrs Brian” and to be a page boy at my mum’s wedding in April!


Fascinating facts: 

Kimberley  Played Cinderella in “Cinderella and the Blue Flipper” with Hale and Pace in Blackpool

Brian  I have 45 followers on Twitter including a Hippopotamus from Texas!


Most impressive thing ever done:

Kimberley Won Silver medal representing Dorset Judo team.

Brian  Eluded capture for 4 hours!