Walker working with young talent from Jersey
As he continues to make his own racing plans for 2011, James Walker has announced that he has also taken a young driver under his wing in a driver management capacity.

Struan Moore is a young karter from Jersey who James first spotted last summer at a kart race on the island.  The two racers struck up a friendship and Struan is now going to benefit from having a manager who has been through the racing ranks before him.
“I have a great manager in Tim Sugden and know how important it is to have someone who knows the teams and knows the industry on your side,” said James. “It helps you to get the right deals and take the right steps with your career.  Struan is an exciting talent and I think with the right management he will go a long way.”
James Walker’s own race programme is taking shape and an announcement can be expected in the next few weeks.  His new role as a driver manager will run alongside his own racing as he has pledged his commitment to mentoring young talent from Jersey.