I think it was some guy called Will who once said  ?All the world?s a stage and all the men and women merely players?.  But it?s true, isn?t it? We are all on a stage, playing our roles, fitting into the cast, part of the show. 


In Jersey we?re performing to quite a small audience so you have to consider the am-dram nature of your performance but also the subsequent reprocussions of how you play your role, your attitude, your script, your costume….


It was the latter that led us to theme this month ?the show? as we?re planning an event at the end of the month that will give you the ability to be immersed in all things fashion and beauty. We?re inviting all the island?s leading fashion and beauty brands to showcase their products and services, all in one place.  With a runway fashion show, beauty demonstrations and health and wellbeing professionals on hand to soothe you, it?s set to be the island?s leading style event. Make sure you look out for flyers, emails, Facebook updates and our ?show? magazine, out later this month. 


Meanwhile, back at the ranch… we have some serious fashion this month with two shoots. Our model braved the April weather at Corbiere to give us a great swimwear shoot and we have an exclusive French Connection shoot to boot. For those of you that look below the surface, our editorial team have also examined the way people put on a show, emotionally, socially and economically. 


Zara examines the emergence of the ?recessionista? whilst Stella gives us a cipher of the social ?shows? we exhibit in Jersey when seeking mates.  For those of a more male persuasion we also check out the highlights of the Geneva motorshow on page 126 and face off the latest touch screen phones to rival the iPhone, a tough call (groan).


So enjoy this issue, enjoy the emergence of the sun this month and we hope to see you at the Royal Yacht on the 31st.