Transferable Skills

A career in the Finance Industry can be for anybody with the right skills.  You never know, you might already have them ? the first step is to identify which skills you have at your disposal ?

?Transferable skills? or ?soft skills? are important buzz words this year. As well as the crucial academic skills required to work in the Finance Industry, qualities such as drive and commitment, initiative, enthusiasm, reliability and knowledge of the Industry or organisation are indispensable in the work place.  Highlighting these could be the difference between you being lonely and jobless or passionate about your new loveable Finance career.

There?s much more to working in the Finance Industry than juggling numbers.  Whether you want to run a high-street bank, look after the finances of a Trust Company, or work as an investment banker, there are numerous opportunities available and each one demands a different set of skills. The trick is find out which area you and your skills are most suited for.

Finance is a competitive career area, but for good reason ? it?s well-rewarded, there is a wide range of qualifications on offer and most employers recruit people who show boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Look on any Finance Industry recruiter?s website and you?ll see lists of personal skills that the ideal applicant should have.  These could include:

?Oral & written communication
?Analytical skills

Other common requirements include having an ability to pay attention to detail, being able to work as a team and having good negotiation skills.

In addition, commercial awareness and sensitivity are becoming increasingly important.  Large financial companies are global organisations so employers will want to look to recruit people who are interested in and have an understanding of international business.  Because of this, some lucky, hard working, dynamic individuals can expect to benefit from being posted overseas, while others will work in Jersey with colleagues of other nationalities and backgrounds.  In both cases, a mature approach towards cultural understanding is really important.