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Intro-Man Issue

Like James Brown said; ‘It’s a man’s world’. Heads of state, politicians, inventors, explorers… the seven dwarfs. Everywhere we look it’s those of us that stand up in the toilet that steal the limelight. Yes, behind every great man is a great woman, but is that supposed to be some sort of defence of the fairer sex’s role? It starts with ‘behind’?!

Well… most Gallery editions tend to offer more for the girls than the guys, so you’re well catered to from our end ladies. That could be something to do with the fact that our team is 75% female. Not this month my friends… for our ‘man’ issue we’ve made sure that we’ve catered to the guys for once. We have a men’s fashion shoot (p74) and also profile some ‘men about town’; Jersey-based entrepreneurs who are establishing businesses in the face of the recession (p118). Manly high fives to them all.

Our beauty editors have also identified some men’s ‘beauty’ products that we pretend we’re too manly to use but secretly like to get at Christmas (p86). We offset all that metrosexuality with a review of the best ever masculine cars and a page on tools you need to own and some expensive men-orientated gadgets (p142).

This month XYs across the Island and all over the world will be flexing their masculinity for Movember. As this magazine hits the streets men will already have downed razors and let their top lips sprout forth with configurations of stroke-able and twirl-able moustache madness. Harking back once again to a time of Magnum P.I, Brian Blessed, Graham Gooch or in honour of more recent characters such as Earl (of My Name is Earl fame), gentlemen will be throwing their post-shave healer aside and raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

The menswear department at De Gruchy have even got the guys at Pull-In Underwear to design a specially designed Jersey pair (pg 134) that they’re selling with 100% of proceeds going to the charity. If you’re not brave enough to grow the mo, make sure you get involved and pick up a pair for yourself or your man.

Despite this being the man issue, our clients seem to have taken the opportunity to surreptitiously talk to us men. There seem to be a fair few pages of shiny jewellery goodness that look suitable to buy young ladies. Christmas must be coming up…. happy moustache growing and shopping, gents.

I’m off to chop wood with an axe while drinking Jaegermeister to restore the balance… see you next month.


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Ben arrived in Jersey in 2003 and established our Gallery magazine title, determined to offer a better quality independent media offering. Holding a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Masters Degree in Marketing, he builds media brands with the emphasis on brand. Ben loves mountains and is fond of penguins (the bird, not the bar).

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