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With dietary and health based absurdity threatening to eradicate ice cream vans from the schools, parks and estates of the English mainland we thought it’s about time Gallery took a stand and showed appreciation for a potentially fading childhood memory.


If you’re putting together a ‘2010 time capsule’ to bury, it might be worth dropping a copy of this month’s magazine in before the air inside becomes stale, just in case the ice cream van meltdown flows over the seas to these shores too.

Councils in Greenwich, Wolverhampton and Glasgow have decided that ice cream is too unhealthy for schoolchildren and so have banned vans in certain areas from offering their wares within close proximity to schools. It’s a bit like saying that driving your car could be a hazard to both yourself and other road users so you’re not allowed to drive to the petrol station any longer. But as a deterrent, you can walk there and carry a Jerry can of fuel back which could potentially lead to far more hazardous consequences. ‘Sorry kids, we’re stealing away the excitement that only a plinky-plonky electronic chime rendition of ‘Greensleeves’ can bring you so that you can enjoy an ice cold treat once a week so you’re just going to have to stop at the corner shop on your way home and stuff your faces with Cadbury’s Crème Eggs and Freddos’ (other chocolate-based confectionery is available).


On a brighter note though, two brothers from Essex who were no doubt aware of the difficulty of marketing sand to Arabs struck upon the idea that they might however be interested in purchasing cold snacks to Feast upon when offered on their very doorsteps. That’s right, Dan & Nathen Furlong began to operate the Middle East’s first ice cream van in Dubai last year and have been met with such success that they now run a small fleet employing a number of locals and intend to expand to Abu Dhabi and beyond this year. Keep an eye out for their pink and white sprinters featuring a smiling camel eating devouring a ‘99’ if you’re in the area.

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Russ Atkinson
Russ Atkinson
Russ joined Factory having completed his degree in Graphic Design at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Handling the rare combination of a mastery of both words and images, Russ lends his writing skills to his overarching responsibility for design and production scheduling. Russ loves building BMWs of both the 2 and 4 wheel variety.

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