Not pot bellies but still not good. The 'before' profile shot

What does it take to break the endless cycle of work, wine and Waitrose ready meals?  An intensive course of military-style fitness that promises to turn us from fat into fighting fit in eight weeks.  Personal trainer Adam Mansfield of AM:PM is an ex-Royal Marine commando who was in charge of putting new recruits through their paces and plans to do the same with us.  Can his intensive programme of four hour-long outdoor training sessions a week whip two of the Gallery team into shape in two months?  Follow our mud, sweat and tears blog and see how we do….

Day 1: Monday
Location: Millbrook
We’re meeting our personal trainer – all 6’5” of honed muscle – down at Millbrook to get a record of our starting weights, fitness levels and body fat percentages.  It’s not good news.  I’m nearly a third fat – 28%, but it shouldn’t surprise me, all that toast and Toblerone had to take a toll somewhere. My training partner is 25.9% which, for a man, is straying dangerously close to ‘obese’ territory. At least we’ve got something to work with.

We run through a couple of exercises to give Adam an idea of our fitness levels; a fiendish ‘bleep test’ which involves running between two markers until we lose pace, push ups, sit ups and then a timed run around Millbrook field.  We can’t believe how wrecked we feel when we finish.

At home later on, I feel sick when I think that was just a tester session and we’ve got a proper one the next day.  Why am I putting myself through this? Well to be honest, left to myself I probably wouldn’t.  I complain about my tummy and my flabby arms, but never get round to doing anything about it.  I don’t have the time or the motivation for the gym and I lose enthusiasm if I don’t see results quickly.  So an intensive programme that guarantees results is just the answer.  It’s just whether I can take the pace….

Starting stats

Gallery victim no 1
Weight: 9 stone 13 pounds
Body fat percentage: 28%

Gallery victim no 2
Weight: 15 stone 2 pounds
Body fat percentage: 25.9%

What we did – Session 1 – Milbrook Park

  • Meet, greet and welcome
  • Measurements and individuals body statistics
  • Fitness assessments (Multi Stage Fitness Test (bleep test), press ups, sit ups, quarter mile run, pull ups)
  • Cool down and stretch

For more details about Adam’s personal training courses, give him a call on 07797 743742 or check out his Facebook page AMPM Training.