Getting Gig-y with it

Getting Gig-y with it.
We don’t need too much encouragement to head down to the Splash over the summer. The newly rebranded Brightly Charity will be building on last year’s Gig-y-don to provide the perfect day out for family and friends, all from a charitable angle. This free to enter music event is being organised by Brightly Charity (previously known as Brig-y-Don Children’s) and is being held on the beautiful setting of the Watersplash terrace. It will feature some of the very best local bands across a wide variety of styles. There will be food, drinks, a raffle and some other fun things for children and families to enjoy. They’ll be asking for donations on the day, so make sure you bring any spare coins! Contactless won’t work!

Gig-y-Don Charity Music Event | Watersplash, St Ouen

Saturday 7th July 2PM – 9PM