Genuine ArticlesBenjamin Martin : Jersey Skin

Benjamin Martin : Jersey Skin

Can you tell us how and why you started Jersey Skin?

In 2020 I came back to Jersey to drop off my dog Ned and my car before flying out to Florida to join Norwegian Cruise Lines as their Theatrical Ops Manager – running up to seven theatres aboard their ship. Lockdown hit the very next day and I was stuck in Jersey staying at my parents house.

Having myself struggled with sensitive skin, eczema runs in the family – I quickly ran out of my usual creams and toiletries. Unable to go to the shop and not wanting to buy anything online that I hadn’t tried (as I am allergic to a lot of ingredients) I started producing my own cosmetics for myself.

I became fascinated by the process and started designing my own recipes to include local ingredients. We grow and distill local botanicals before adding them directly to our products. Including, Jersey lavender, lemon verbena, bay leaf, Geranium, seaweed, apple pectin and local beeswax – which is the only non vegan ingredient we use! Everything is also cruelty free.

Where do you get your inspiration when developing a new product?

I have always enjoyed being creative and as my mum is a science lecturer I learned to love chemistry and its various experiments. When I realised the science behind cosmetics the two went hand in hand. Business is something I have always wanted to work in, mainly within a company I have grown myself. Once I had created the brand it was the consumer that helped me develop further ranges by asking me to create something they use, but sourced off island – I love a challenge!

I am also inspired by being eco conscious which is why all our bottles are refillable at our shop in town (where you also get a discount).

Do you have a favourite product in your range?

I honestly enjoy creating all of them, however some have been much more challenging than others. For example our Bath Bombs are 100% natural and made with local ingredients – our recipes took over nine months to perfect and actually as the weather changes, the recipe does too – this is because Bath Bombs are so dependent on the humidity and surroundings. If I had to choose one though, I would say either our Face Oils or anything with Jersey Lemon Verbena in, as it smells just incredible!

Is there any advice you’d give someone who might be thinking about taking the plunge into creating/making?

Do it! I’d say make sure it’s something you really love, as there are hurdles which only having a serious passion for what you want to achieve will help you get through. Take all feedback with a pinch of salt, and write down what you want to achieve to maintain a focus. I am always happy to help give advice too, so send me an email!

Any plans in the pipeline we should be looking out for?

We are expanding at a very quick rate. Jersey Skin has a goal to be a household name, and a must-go location for people visiting the island. Personally, I’d love to have Jersey Skin as an interactive location, a little bit like Jersey Potteries had been in Gorey Village – where you can come and see products being made, experience the botanicals being grown and have a full experience of what we do.

Where can people buy your products?

In May 2021 we opened our St Helier shop which is at 11 The Parade, here we stock our complete range. We also have our website and local and UK delivery. You will also spot us dotted around the island in various wholesalers. Our social media pages are filled with images and customer feedback which can be found at (@JerseySkin)

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