Gallery T shirt: 2011 edition.

Every year we’ve produced out a limited number of Gallery tshirts. We’ve done them with out silentdisco branding, our ‘I love Jersey’ valentine shirt and our rally inspired drivers shirts. For our 2011 Tshirt we’re embracing the Zeitgeist and our Island’s love of local and producing a run of three designs; one for you Westies, one for the Easties and one for you town&country folks.



The design is inspired by the¬†Experimental Jetset tshirt for 2K?Gingham. When they designed the shirt, the idea was to strip down the idea of a rock band to a list of four names, in an attempt to reach the of essence of a group. In a way, the shirt is very much about abstraction: the process of translating figurative images into something less figurative. There’s also an iconoclastic streak running through the shirt: the idea of puncturing through the world of images, by using text. In short, we took the idea of the most archetypical band ever (a band that has been a constant source of inspiration to us), and replaced the image with a simple list of names:

Experimental Jetset's 'Beatles' Shirt - our inspiration for 2011
Experimental Jetset's 'Beatles' Shirt - our inspiration for 2011

We’ve embraced what has become a tshirt genre in it’s own right and produced our very own, whilst embracing Jersey and it’s subdivisions. Wear your parish with pride!

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