Yum Yuck

An in-depth survey (ok so we asked round in the office one afternoon) revealed some interesting food loves and hates.  See if you share any of ours...

Matt (illustrator whizz)
Anchovies, coriander, game, shellfish rice pudding, tofu, tongue, corned beef

Ceri (beauty guru)
Waffles with caramel sauce, strawberry astrobelts, pina coladas, haggis whole tomatoes, licquorice, fruit cake & oranges

Emma (stationery queen)
Homemade bread, red peppers, peanut butter, rice pudding lamb, coriander, sun-dried tomatoes, fruit cake

Sarah (resident foodie)
Baba ganoush, Pad Thai, Fry’s Chocolate Cream fried eggs, sausage rolls, kidneys

Russ (design visionary)
Fillet steak, Wispa Gold,  stuffing baked beans, olives and anything derived from soya

Ben (dogsbody)
Chocolate, M&S Super Wholefood salad, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, toasted bagels oysters, offal, Turkish Delight