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Yes Minister

Yes Minister

Ian Gorst, the Chief Minister designate, has just released news about his proposed ministerial team for the new government. He will also be proposing changes to the existing ministerial portfolios, to ‘prepare the government to meet the challenges ahead’. Senator Gorst said

Our society is ageing and we face growing competition with other jurisdictions around the world. This is a challenge we cannot afford to lose, and we need to make our economy more productive and diverse. I am proposing exciting new changes to ministerial portfolios to tackle these challenges and to better deliver on behalf of all islanders.

Ian Gorst


“I want to bring together responsibility for financial services with the digital sector and the promotion of competition and innovation, as this will help us secure prosperity for the Island. Without prosperity we cannot deliver the social policies we all want. I am appointing Senator Philip Ozouf as Assistant Chief Minister with responsibility for these important areas, and I intend to establish a new dedicated ministerial office in the coming weeks.


“Senator Paul Routier will be Assistant Chief Minister with responsibility for securing a range of high quality community services to promote social inclusion, and for developing population and migration policies. Both Assistant Chief Ministers will attend Council of Ministers meetings.

“I am proposing to establish a single ministry dedicated to education and skills, so we can focus on important improvements in educational and vocational standards, and equip our local workforce with the skills they need.

“I want to bring together tourism, retail, sport and culture, transport links, farming, business development and inward investment, so we can attract new visitors and businesses and encourage more participation in our community. And I believe it would make sense to bring together Transport and Technical Services and Jersey Property Holdings.”


Senator Gorst is proposing the following Members as Ministers in the new government:

  • Economic Development – Senator Lyndon Farnham
  • Education, Sport and Culture – Deputy Rod Bryans
  • External Relations – Senator Philip Bailhache
  • Health and Social Services –  Senator Andrew Green
  • Home Affairs –  Deputy Kristina Moore
  • Housing – Deputy Anne Pryke
  • Planning and Environment –  Deputy Steve Luce
  • Social Security – Deputy Susie Pinel
  • Transport and Technical Services –  Deputy Eddie Noel
  • Treasury and Resources – Senator Alan Maclean

Collective working

Senator Gorst said “At the first meeting of the new Council we will discuss how we work collectively in the best interests of the Island. I will be proposing the formation of ministerial working groups in each of the areas of the economy, community and environment. This will help us implement a fully integrated strategy.

“Above all, it is important that ministers work positively together with all our colleagues to develop an integrated Strategic Plan that can secure a successful future for our island.”


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