Worth the Wait(rose)

Worth the Wait(rose)

Now we?ve settled into being Waitrose shoppers (just like Kate Middleton don?t you know), it?s hard to imagine a time before in-store Boots pharmacies, olive bars and those cute little green tokens.  But just to remind you ? here?s our pick of some of the products we couldn?t have got before those Waitrose aisles arrived in the isles?.

The power of nature
For the last two years, Toby, son of Jody Scheckter, the owner of Laverstoke Park, has been working tirelessly ? literally – to create a unique, organic energy drink. With 100% natural ingredients including ginkgo biloba, ginseng, guarana, extract of coffee seed, pomegranate and elderberry, this fruity concoction will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Fairtrade certified, and 100% organic, this is an energy drink of a different ?nature?. Scheckter?s Organic Energy, in selected Waitrose Channel Island stores now (£1.69).

Cordially invited
Liven up your summer drinks with a dash of these quirky new cordials from husband and wife duo Chris and Becky Verinder- Baker. Five Valleys Cordials started as a kitchen project, with Chris and Becky selling their wares at local farmers? markets. These brilliantly different cordials are available in Apricot & Ginger, Lemon & Mint and Pomegranate & Rose and are exclusive to Waitrose. Five Valley Cordials, £3.19 each.

Honey to the bee
Waitrose is exclusively launching a new range of Manuka honey from husband and wife team, Sheryl and Paul Steen. A real natural superfood, Steens Manuka Honey is pure, single source and naturally bioactive. The range has varying degrees of antibacterial levels; from the +5 honey, which is perfect drizzled over ice cream, to the more intense +15 honey, which can be used to aid digestion and even skin problems. Steen?s Manuka Honey (in Raw 5, Raw 10 and Raw 15, all 340g) is priced from £8.50.

Your new favourite squeeze
Taste No. 5? is the exquisite new paste by Laura Santtini which can transform even the blandest of meals into something truly extraordinary. This innovative product is inspired by the science behind the fifth taste ? umami. Combining the most umami-rich Italian ingredients such as tomato, Parmesan cheese and porcini mushrooms into a single paste, it can be added as a flavour bomb to anything from grills, roasts and bakes to pastas, soups and stews or simply used on its own as a condiment for panini, crostini and dressings at £2.99/70g.

Man up, it?s salad
In response to our hotter-than-ever taste in food, Waitrose have just launched a new Hot & Fiery salad that is? well, just that.  Full of inferno rocket and nasturtium leaves, Greek cress, radish and butterhead leaves; this tongue-tingling collection of salad leaves packs a real flavour punch.  They?ve dubbed it ?man salad?.  Are you macho enough to try it?  Waitrose Hot & Fiery Salad, £1.49 per bag.


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