workout for kite-surfing

workout for kite-surfing

As this month Arnie is looking at Kite surfing in the magazine, I thought it would be a good idea to put in some Kite surfing fitness tips. Some of these moves will also transfer well to windsurfing and wakeboarding. Some will be focusing on flexibility, and the others on leg upper body and core strength.

Squat Row on the cable machine
Get yourself in a squat position, in front of the machine. Have enough weight on the stack so you can lean back into the squat. Then you can pull the bar into your solar plexus for around 8-12 reps, for 3 sets. This will work your arms upper back and legs at the same time.

Over head barbell squat
Raise the barbell above your head and squat deeply for around 8-12reps for 3 sets. This will help strengthen the legs as well as the core & upper body.

Horizontal Cable Twist
Grasping the cable at waist height, pull it round to the other side of your body using the full range of movement at your waist. It is important to work on this, as there is a lot of twisting in this sport.

Crab over Swiss Ball
It is important to have good core flexibility, so work on long stretches, arching back and trying to get your hands flat on the floor. Also it would be worth keeping your hamstrings flexible.

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