FeaturesWhen You’ve Reached Boiling Point...

When You’ve Reached Boiling Point…

For when it all gets a bit much there is the trustworthy, reliable, fail-safe, hot bath. It is guaranteed to help most problems. Simply fill tub with hot water, add a few drops of some delicious smelling oil, get in and enjoy the slight weightlessness, all over cosy warmth and soothing aroma.

Dermalogica | Stress Relief Oil £16.00

This actually smells of relaxation, it’s like a little slice of summer. You will get in the bath a stress pot and get out a zen queen.

Ren | Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil £25.95

This oil nourishes the skin leaving it lightly fragranced with roses and is known for its stress-relieving and soothing properties.

Cowshed |Grumpy Cow £15.18

An uplifting bath and massage oil which has a citrus blend that will leave your skin feeling energised your mind much clearer.

Neom | Jasmine and Sandalwood Oil £32.00

This is designed to give you a specific treatment, creating your very own bath spa. This scent is great for restoring you from a frazzled state into a more peaceful you.

Jo Wood Organics | Amka £35.00

Add two capfuls of Amka bath oil  to running water to revive your body and perk up your spirits.

Elemis | The Frangipani Body Oil £29.70

Intoxicates the senses with an exotic blend of coconut coprah oil and frangipani flowers, with long lasting hydration properties and as an added bonus can be used an an intensive conditioning treatment for hair and nails.

Aromatherapy Associates | Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection £49.00

Nine luxury iconic bath and shower oils – use these lovingly blended and award winning oils to help relax, de-stress & revive

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