FeaturesWhat do you think about the future of education in Jersey ?

What do you think about the future of education in Jersey ?

School. Love it or loathe it, the time you spend in education doesn’t just leave you with new skills, a couple of certificates to put on your wall and friends you’ll keep in touch with for years, it can also have an effect on the rest of your life. And when the education system works well, it won’t just be you who feels the benefit. ‘A good quality, successful education system will be vital for the future prosperity of Jersey and the wellbeing of people who live here’ said Jersey’s Minister for Education, Sport & Culture, Deputy James Reed.


Whether you’re still studying, a recent graduate, or have kids who are starting school, you probably have an opinion about how things could be improved. So shout about it. Education, Sport & Culture have just launched a discussion paper to find out what can be done to improve the face of education across the island, and they want to hear from you.


The paper looks at all aspects of the current provision – from nursery education to adult learning – and asks the public to comment on what should change. Deputy James Reed says: ‘This paper is a starting point for an open and honest debate on how education is provided. We know from recent events that education can be an emotive and controversial issue. That’s why I have decided to issue a discussion paper in this form. It is essential to give people the facts in context and provide everyone with the opportunity to make their views known.’ So it’s over to you. Did your education experience leave you with the skills you needed to survive in the real world? Were you prepared for university? Are there things that could be changed to make the transition from high school to university easier for the next generation of students? Download the discussion paper at www.gov.je/consult and email your thoughts back to futureofeducation@gov.je or get your comments down at Jersey Education’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/jerseyeducation. You can also keep an eye on the debate by following them on Twitter – @jerseyeducation


Key questions


Just to get you started – here are a few questions to think about.

The system today

What do you think of our current system of education?

What changes would you like to see?

Learning from the best

What do you think a good education system should provide for learners?

What information would you want to know about the performance of the system?

Early years

What help do you think families need to give their children the best start to their schooling?

Primary years

What do you think should be the priorities for a new island primary curriculum?

Secondary years

What do you think of the selective nature of our education system?

What you think of our proposals to expand vocational education for 14-16 year olds?

How important is it to provide vocational choices for pupils alongside an academic education?

Post 16

Should all young people be expected to stay in education and/or training and employment of some type until they reach the age of 18?

Should all the post 16 providers work more closely together and provide a broader range of options for all students?

How do you think we could work more effectively with employers and trainers to provide a modern apprenticeship programme?

Adult learning

How much do you value the programme of adult education offered by Highlands College?

How would you like to see adult education develop?

Higher education

Should all students who are capable of studying at a higher level continue to have the opportunity to do so?

Do you think students should have access to financial support regardless of which course they study or what university they attend?

Do you think the current student loan scheme should be expanded?


How could our system deliver better support for children with special or additional needs?

The public consultation ends
on 14 October. Have your say
on the future of Jersey’s
education system:





Department of Education,
Sport and Culture, PO Box 142,
Highlands Campus, Jersey,




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