The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But Spa Sirene Has A Treat For You That Is Delightful…


As you are dashing to and fro this festive season why not take some time out for a bit of well deserved R&R? This 50 minute upper body treatment helps clear the mind and supports the immune system so it is perfect this time of year to help fight off stresses and bugs!

My top tip is to arrive well ahead of your treatment so you can really indulge in their beautiful spa sanctuary. I started with a dip in the pool, a soak in the spa then languidly moved on to the aromatherapy steam room. I avoided the blast bucket of ice cold water (because I don’t care how good it is for you, it looks terrifying), but I did admire a bikini clad girl who nonchalantly walked up and didn’t even flinch as the cold water poured over her! I spent the remainder of the time in my huge luxury robe curled up on a wonderful hot stone bed; I’d never seen one before and was delighted by how brilliant it is. You feel weightless as you are engulfed in soothing warmth and it made this horrible cold snap seem a thing of the past as I conjured up images of being in Maui and let all the mad rush of Christmas melt away.

All the aforementioned was the most lovely prelude to the main event, where my Beauty Therapist came and led me through to a soft-lit therapy room. I instantly noticed the amazing smell which she explained was the Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe essence that contains Eucalyptus, Tea-tree, Pine and Lavender. The treatment started with inhaling this head clearing aroma as the therapist performed several different chakra holds. This was followed by pressure applied to the cranial trigger points at the base of my skull, which is done to help relax and balance the nervous system. The whole treatment is designed to heal and build your body’s natural defences.

The beauty therapist asked how I’d like the pressure of the back massage and I asked for hard. I was so impressed that from then on in I was given the most incredible deep massage; so often in the past I’ve been disappointed as beauty therapists massage ‘hard’ for 3 minutes then slip into a regular pressure massage, but not this time! She fantastically kept up with gusto the best massage I’ve ever had! It was a fusion of East and West, combining the best modern and traditional massage techniques and covered my neck and tired shoulders as well. Finding a good masseuse is a lifetime quest, but for all of you reading this just head straight to the Spa Sirene – it will save you years of mediocre prodding. Also men often like deep pressure massages so if you’re treating them, make sure you send them her way.

I loved that the massage was tailored specifically for me and all of the knots in my left shoulder were worked out, it was such a relief to be rid of this muscular tension. The treatment finished with a relaxing Ayurvedic scalp massage and face, sinus and forehead drainage massage to help unblock sinuses and prevent headaches.

I left the room walking on Cloud Nine! It was such a different experience to feel so energised and ready to take the world on again. I couldn’t resist treating myself to the Support Aromatherapy Associates Collection so that I could bring a little piece of this blissfully relaxing time home with me.

Enjoy this treat at the special introduction price of just £45.00 includes use of their spa facilities. Monday to Friday only and subject to availability. No other discounts or rewards vouchers can be used. Valid from 1st December 2014 to 31st January 2014.

Call Spa Sirene on 615425 to book
Support Breathe Essence £15.30
Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil £35.00

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