Twitterwit-Miss Kitty Plum

Twitterwit-Miss Kitty Plum

In our new series of tw-interviews, Gallery goes iPhone to iPhone with the Jersey twitterati to find out – in 140 characters or less – what’s going on.

Marketing expert turned lingerie entrepreneur and owner of Plums lingerie boutique, which reached the finals of two prestigious national awards last year, Katherine Salt has never been a girl to sit still for long. Since Plums Lingerie opened its Colomberie doors in 2006, she's sent it global with an online boutique ( that's built a strong international customer base since its launch in 2009. Katherine Salt is better known on Twitter as her non de plume Miss Kitty Plum, sending out kicker-inspired tweets to her thousand-strong fanbase of lingerie lovers. We caught up with Kitty Plum herself on Twitter to find out if her dream career lives up to the fantasy…

G – Hi Kitty – what’s happening?
K – I’m in Las Vegas @ the Blogworld conference meeting up with the social media gurus & learning all about the latest in social media.
G – Vegas! Great venue for a conference – beats the Radisson any time. What’s been today’s top social media tip?
K – Reciprocity is the basis for social media success, give information, comments and support and you will be trusted by the community.
G – Being a lingerie supplier of course, support is what you do so well!! But how else have you seen social media help business?
K – Social media gives customers other ways to speak to us & keep up with news on a more 1-to-1 level especially our online customers.
G – What’s been your favourite lingerie brand discovery?
K – Tricky to pick. Eternal Spirits corsets are stunning. Simone Perele has loveliest lace shorties. Prima Donna does sexy up to an H cup
G – You’ve already got a day job in marketing so how did Plums come about?
K – I now work for myself. We saw a gap in the market. I used to go to London to buy lingerie and found lots of other ladies did too.
G – What’s been the biggest innovation in lingerie in recent years?
K – Ironically the renaissance in vintage lingerie, personally I prefer the silhouette of contemporary lingerie
G – Hold-ups or proper stockings?
K – Proper stockings of course, cuban heeled, fully fashioned silk. My favourite brand is Cervin.
G – What’s your guilty pleasure?
K – Corsets. I love the structure and artistry in them.  Nothing else can give you such instant glamour and allure
G – Champagne or cocktails?
K – Champagne, crisp and dry.  However there are some lovely champagne cocktails, so I wouldn’t want to limit myself.
G – Favourite place in Jersey…
K – Gorey, I like nothing better than sitting outside Castle Green on a summer’s day for a lovely lunch.
G – Is there a story behind the name Plums?
K – It was a suggestion from a friend.  We were really struggling for inspiration and it came from the colour of the interior.
G – Where’s your favourite beach destination… and which bikini would you pack?
K – Just one!?! Whitsunday Islands in Australia are stunning and I’d need a suitcase filled with Gideon Oberson bikinis and wraps.
G – Your mum (Mumsie) gets regular mentions on your Twitter updates – does she know?
K – Yes she knows and now constantly exclaims ‘Don’t put that on Twitter’ whenever she does something daft!
G – As a retailer and marketing expert, how would you market Jersey?
K – As a tourism destination it would be as a niche luxury brand, the perfect relaxing getaway.  Fine dining, beautiful scenery and luxury hotels…
K – And for business, I feel we need to look outside finance to become a destination known for expertise in technology and the associated professions.
G – Describe yourself in three words…
K – Hardworking, spontaneous and irrepressible
G – As February’s issue is themed ‘Fantasy’, tell us what your fantasy life would be…
K – I think it would involve travel to far off lands, meeting fascinating people and experiencing new cultures
G – What’s the way to your heart?
K – Flattery, persistence and cooking ability.

Sold on suspenders, or curious about corsets?  Follow Miss Kitty Plum on Twitter – @PlumsLingerie, and join her regular Twitter chat lingeriechat on Sundays at 6pm.
Plums Lingerie, 7 Colomberie, St Helier. Tel: 731302

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