Twitterwit-Kyran Bracken

Twitterwit-Kyran Bracken

In our new series of tw-interviews, Gallery goes iPhone to iPhone with the Jersey twitterati to find out – in 140 characters or less – what’s going on.

For our First-Class issue, who better to get in a Twitter-wit scrum with than former England rugby captain and ‘Dancing on Ice’ star, Kyran Bracken. Top of his game in two rather different ends of the sporting spectrum, Gallery tackled him on his eye-watering rugby injuries, his guilty pleasures and his competitive streak…

G: Hi Kyran, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
K: Fruit, croissant, cup of tea – then opened my eyes.
G: You’ve achieved lots – lawyer, rugby player, restaurant co-owner and ice-skater.  Were they all on your list of things you wanted to be when you were a kid?
K: Nothing that I’ve done was planned – life just took me there! Where next??
G: What was the most difficult?  
K: Law was most challenging
G: You’re used to being top of your game in sport. How competitive are you in everyday life?
K: I am not competitive… as long as I win!
G: From a macho rugby player to an ice-skater.  Be honest – did you get teased?
K: Every day. But they all want tickets to watch me skate!
G: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
K: I’d rather not share my worst injury, I’ll leave you to guess that one for yourself… ouch!
G: Which superhero would you be?
K: The dad in The Incredibles, I can’t remember his name (Mr Incredible, Kyran) but he’s out of shape and thinks he can still do it! That’s me!
G: What’s your guilty pleasure?
K: Chocolate.
G: Rugby and ice-skating – do you ever get the two muddled up?
K: Erm… no.
G: What’s been your proudest moment?
K: When my kids were born.
G: Which TV programme do you quite fancy taking part in next…?
K: None on TV now…
G: So, you’re not planning to head into the jungle.  But what can we expect from Kyran in the future?
K: My future involves more rugby and less skating – but equal amounts of spray tans.
G: You’ve had a lot to do with Jersey – what do you think the island’s got going for it?
K: Community.
G: Everyone here loved the ice rink. When are you bringing it back?
K: We’ll see… ice rinks are tough to make money!
G: How would you describe yourself in three words?
K: Driven, untidy and daring.

Follow the rugby and ice-skating star on Twitter @KyranBracken, and keep up to date with Kyran’s latest Ice Pary news at

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