For our DIAMOND edition, we met up with two professionals who use diamonds for work everyday; Dentist Ciaran Milner and Drilling Specialist Paul Passman tell us about their tools of the trade. Juxtaposing the clinical pristine Dentist’s Diamond Drill with the tough and weathered Diamond Core Drill, we find out more about these amazing high end bits of kit.

Paul Passman, Drilling Technician/Operative at Diamond Drilling & Cutting Specialists 

Pictured Holding a Hilti DD150 Diamond Core Drill and with a ICS 880F4-Fl Diamond Chain Saw

What are they used for?

I use the Core Drill on a daily basis for creating smaller holes from about 8mm to 160mm (for larger holes a rig mounted machine would be used). It will cut through block, granite, stone, brick and reinforced concrete. The Diamond Chainsaw would only be used for cutting block or reinforced concrete in tight spaces where other machines would not fit or for when a deeper cut is required, as it has a cutting depth of 630mm. It is also very expensive to use as the chains have a short life span.

Are they difficult to use?

They can be hard to use and very dangerous if handled incorrectly, so we have one on one training and full supervision is undertaken for each machine until operatives have enough skill and confidence to work on their own.

Have you ever broken one?

These machines have a lifespan of between 18 months to two years if looked after, but because of the level of vibration they endure, they do require constant maintenance and repair.

How much do they cost?

For the Diamond Core Drill the motor i’m holding would be about £2,000 on its own, or £3,500 with a stand. The core bits would cost between £30 to £300 depending on the size of the hole and make up of the diamond segments attached. For the Diamond Chainsaw; the motor would cost about £2,500 with the chain and the bar costing an additional £350 to £650 a time, again depending on the length of chain and diamond segments used.

For any diamond drilling or cutting you might need, call the team on 07797 718439.

Ciaran Milner, Dental Surgeon & Owner of Milner Dental and she is also President of The Jersey Dental Association 

Pictured holding a KaVo turbine hand piece with diamond bur.

When do you use this?

I use it daily for a number of procedures including preparing teeth for fillings and crowns. It rotates between 400,000 – 700,000 revolutions per minute and will cut through enamel which is the hardest substance in the body.

Is it hard to use?

It’s not hard to use, but it takes over five years of Dental School to be qualified to use it on a person.

Have you ever broken one?

No, but the diamond burs wear out regularly. A hand piece will last a few years.

How much does one cost?

About £800 for a hand piece and £5 – £10 per diamond bur.

For any Dental needs you might have, call the Milner Dental team on 766383 to book an appointment.

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