FeaturesThis Month?s Super Mama is... Daisy

This Month?s Super Mama is… Daisy

Daisy a.k.a. Dante?s Mum

Children: Dante Araya 2 yrs 8 months

Profession? I?m a beauty therapist and I rent a room below the House of Fragrance doing all my treatments from there, everything from semi-permanent makeup, Minx nails to massage. I work four days a week and Dante goes to nursery for three of those, Saturday is Daddy?s day.

What is your little one into? Anything that moves basically! Trains, planes, trucks, bikes. His favorite thing at the moment is Fire Engines, and he is always on the look out? he also enjoys being outside looking for chicken eggs and playing on his scooter!

Recommended book for new parents? I don?t read any parenting books now but when I was pregnant I read the old classic ?What to Expect when You?re Expecting?, and a friend gave me ?Blooming Beautiful? which was really sweet. My sister gave me Gina Ford?s weaning book which was quite scary, I didn?t agree with a lot of what she preached but found a few handy tips. I also got quite into Zodiac books finding out what he was going to be like!

One thing you can?t live without for you? Can I say Dante?! Well if it has to be a material thing then my iPhone 4, which I?m ashamed to admit I?m completely addicted to. Having never had a smart phone in my life my husband gave me one for Christmas and I think he?s regretting it as I?m always on it!

One kiddie / baby product you can?t live without? I try not to spend too much money on toys as he likes something for a day then he?s over it, I?m lucky that I get given a lot from my sisters. His Auntie Polly gave him a scooter and he loves it, it?s been the longest lasting toy so far so I would definitely recommend every little boy to have one as it gets them out of the house.  When he was a baby I bought a Hippy seat which is like a belt with a seat attached for them so you don?t push your hip out and do your back in. It was great for Dante because he always wanted to be picked up.

What?s the best thing about being a mummy? A love for your child is like no other love, it?s unconditional and pure. I feel proud to be Dante?s mummy and it feels like a gift everyday. I do feel very lucky to have him in my life, he doesn?t have to do anything it?s just how you feel when you?re a mummy!

What?s the most challenging thing about being a mum? Being completely responsible for someone so small and dependent on you, trying to make the right choices for him and remembering that I?m the mother and that I can say no, even when he gives me those eyes?

Favourite celebrity parents? Mmm it would have to be Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, simply because I?ve loved Johnny Depp ever since Nightmare on Elm Street! I think Vanessa is beautiful. They keep their kids out of the spotlight and don?t dress them up in ridiculous designer clothes that look silly and uncomfortable.

Best kiddie friendly place to eat in Jersey? At home!  I?ve tried taking Dante everywhere and it?s always hit or miss, it doesn?t seem to matter if it?s meant to be ?kiddie? friendly or not if he?s not in the mood then that?s it, but I think its just his age and it should get better.

Favourite activity with little ones in Jersey? Durrell is the best place for kids, we?re so lucky to have it, and the parents enjoy it too. Also the beaches are beautiful, free and fun!

What is your biggest mama indulgence? Bikram Yoga at Les Ormes, I love it so much. It?s completely changed my life, to have that 1 ½ hrs a few times a week where I just don?t have to worry about anything is amazing.  Any mum that needs to shift baby weight or just generally feel better about themselves should go. I?ve recently been surfing for a few days in Morocco with a friend, that was definitely an indulgence but that does not happen often!

What has changed the most since becoming a mother? Where do I start? I try and still be me but mostly my lifestyle, I don?t really go out partying as much anymore. I?m more health conscious and I?ve always been a worrier but now that has escalated!

One piece of advice for new mums? Those first few months go by so quickly, try and enjoy them, and remember to look after yourself too, eat well and if anyone offers to help say yes and go to sleep! What?s it like being a mum in Jersey? At first I found it quite hard, only because I didn?t have any friends with children over here, but luckily I have a huge family, my four sisters were brilliant, and I really don?t think I could of done any of it without my mum and of course his daddy Daco. Jersey is a wonderful and beautiful place for children to grow up, its so lovely to be near the sea with plenty of things for families to do and a good diversity of people. I feel safe here with Dante and although it can feel a little small sometimes, there?s always the rest of the world to visit.




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