The Sea, The Sea

Growing up on the coast has deeply influenced my work in Graphic Design and Photography. Since moving away from Jersey and becoming a student at Manchester Metropolitan University after studying at Hautlieu School I have learnt how much I appreciate the sea. I miss it, and whenever I return to the water I am inspired by its boundlessness and its freedom. After completing an Art Foundation at MMU and finishing the first year of my Graphic Design degree, my style has progressed and I now incorporate photography within my work. These pieces are photos which I have taken with 120 film around the coast of Jersey expressing my nostalgia for the sea. I like to explore the idea of memory and experiment with double-exposure to create the ghost-like effect seen in my photographs. I prefer film photography to digital because I think the end results of the pictures taken have an antique and authentic quality. I also love the excitement of never quite knowing exactly what you’re going to get when processing them.