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The Kit Bag by Will Thurmann

Nathan Wemble is fed up with life.  An accountant caught in the miserable throes of early middle age, he hates his job and thinks his wife might be having an affair.  Then he finds a key… and before he knows it, he’s caught up in a sinister world of violent gangsters and dodgy bookmakers.

The Kit Bag’s described as a ‘comic romp through the often Kafka-esque office politics of the modern workplace’.

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Amazon for £1.71.

(Warning: The Kit Bag contains very strong language from the beginning and throughout – Suitable for Adults Only)

So you think you can write? Will Thurmann’s tips to getting your name in print.

Give it a go. But be warned, writing’s not just something you can wake up one morning and do – you need practice. Try writing courses and find someone objective to tell you if your writing is any good.

Be prepared for rejection. Publishers are sent thousands of manuscripts each year, and they may only take one or two writers on.  It’s almost impossible.  E-books are a much easier and quicker way of breaking into the market.

Self-publishing an e-book is easier than you think. It takes a bit of technical savvy but you can download the software you need from Amazon and then just go through the process of formatting your text and uploading it.

Need some more help? Email Will at  (Will Thurmann is also on Facebook and has started a blog at

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