Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum

The Museum is an absolute treasure trove of items that represents our mechanical heritage, all under one roof, if you haven’t been then be sure to make a visit, their collection is trully mind blowing.  Managed by a Trust which was set up in 1985 by the Museum’s founder, the late Lyndon Charles Pallot, a well loved and respected Jersey character more commonly known as ‘Don’. The L C Pallot Trust was established with the object of promoting the permanent preservation of steam engines, farm machinery, vehicles and much more, the Trustees are Don’s surviving four sons and three daughters. 

When was the business founded? 

The Museum first opened late in 1989 by our late father, Don Pallot.

Do you have an unofficial rule for business/life they imparted on you?

To keep collecting

How has the business adapted over the years?

A new purpose built Museum and Workshop was built and opened in 2002 to accommodate an ever expanding collection.

What are the benefits to working as a family?

We all have the same aim – to keep the Museum running.

Are there any downsides to working together?

Not really – the family get on well together


Fresh Fish Company

The Fresh Fish Company was established in 1999 with the primary motive being to supply local fish to hotels and restaurants alongside the Fresh Fish Company Fish Shop which is situated at the bottom of Mount Bingham and of course their viviers down at Victoria Pier.

When was the business founded?

The Fresh Fish Company was founded in 1999 by Louis Jackson (right), my brother, Mary Jackson (left) is our Mother and William Louis Jackson (far left) is Louis son…I am Vicky Boarder nee Jackson (left).

Do you have an unofficial rule for business/life they imparted on you?

I’m not sure that we have a family motto as such but I do know that as a family including our other siblings we are incredibly hard working and give everything we do 100%.

How has the business adapted over the years? 

Over the years we have adapted enormously, from the very early days when the business was primarily a scallop supplier to local restaurants…we are now suppliers of the highest quality fish and shellfish, we also supply picked crab meat which was a direct reaction to the changing market and its demands…nowadays picked crab is more in demand than the whole alternative, we also export this and other local fish to high end UK restaurants… And of course our fish van has had more than a slight upgrade, you can now find us in our fully stocked shop down at the bottom of Mount Bingham.

What are the benefits to working as a family?

Working as a family has many benefits, we are a natural team with the same goals and are driven in much the same way…our own areas of expertise compliment the business and allow us to work each to our strengths. Are there any downsides to working together? I can’t think of any downsides to working together except perhaps that when one is tired all are tired! And it is impossible for us all to go away together…


Seymour Hotels of Jersey

Following George F & Ada Seymour’s honeymoon in Jersey in 1919, George’s parents retired to the Island and were asked to look for a suitable property for George F & Ada to run.  In 1920 they returned to Jersey and established a small five bedroom guest house in Halkett Place and named it Merton.  George’s parents, seeing their success, came out of retirement and purchased Kalimna Hall, now Portelet Hotel – Seymour Hotels of Jersey was founded.

Today the group remains’ very much a family business having been joined by the fifth generation.

Robin: George & Ada’s son: Chairman

Rita: Robin’s wife: Director

Lawrence : Robin’s brother: Director

David: Robin & Rita’s son: Managing Director

 Tina: David’s wife: Seymour Hotels Group Housekeeping Director

Stephanie: David & Tina’s daughter: Group Marketing Co-ordinator

Sue Armes: Robin & Rita’s daughter: Director

Sam Armes: Sue’ son: HR Manager – Pomme d’Or Hotel

 Do you have an unofficial rule for business/life they imparted on you?

Consistent professionalism combined with genuine hospitality. All family members have to be professionally qualified for the role they carry out (no nepotism here!)

How has the business adapted over the years? 

Through continuous improvement in keeping with ever changing requirements and the service tradition created more than 90 years ago.

What are the benefits to working as a family?

A real sense of purpose and belonging, it strengthens family ties and creates team spirit! Embraces a multi-generational dimension – especially important in a fast changing world

Are there any downsides to working together?

None, although due to the unique relationships created, working family members have to be conscious of those in the wider family who are not so aligned to the business… and remember it’s not all about work!

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