The future of heating is now, and it?s infrared…

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The future of heating is now, and it’s infrared…

Better for you and your pocket, Redwell Infrared Heating is the way forward

The beauty of infrared heating is that feeling warm or cold doesn’t depend on the temperature of the surrounding air. Traditional heating, which is convection-based, relies upon the air temperature to increase before you feel warm. When infrared waves touch a surface, energy is released in the form of heat, irrespective of the surrounding air temperature. This explains why people on a winter sports holiday can enjoy a pleasant sunbath at low outside temperatures without feeling the cold. Unlike conventional systems, Redwell heating units heat the walls, ceiling and furnishings – not the air. Walls retain heat for longer than air and return warmth to the room. They stay dry, giving mould and mildew no chance to spread. A further advantage lies in the fact that there is no circulation of the air, therefore no dust is raised.
Energy saving
Redwell Infrared Heating is 100% energy efficient and up to 50% more efficient than oil or gas. For example, a standard four-room house burning 10.25 kWh of gas, uses only 3.714 kWh of infrared heat. With infrared, the temperature of the air in the room can be lower as the walls are radiating heat. By lowering the air temperature you can save a significant amount of energy – lowering the temperature by 1°C equates to an energy saving of 5%. Redwell Infrared Heating is guaranteed for five years and requires no maintenance.
Healthier heat
Good for the environment and better for your health, Redwell Infrared heaters emit infrared waves that are like the rays of the sun and provide a natural form of warmth. Humans have evolved to absorb infrared heat, which can have a beneficial effect on our immune system. Infrared doesn’t rely on convection to circulate warmth, so you won’t feel draughts or chills. Bacteria and dust cannot spread and mould cannot form. Because of this, infrared heating has huge benefits for asthmatics.
Redwell heaters are ‘low electrosmog’ devices. This means there are no harmful emissions.
Personalise your heaters
Heating elements from Redwell are available in three surface colours (white, red and blue), as a black chalkboard, picture motifs and in frameless mirrors and contemporary coloured glass. The frames can be ordered in aluminium, wood or in white. You can even select your own picture or corporate logo. Simply supply a high resolution picture of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch), and the design possibilities are endless.

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