The Club Spa: Restful Resolutions for two

The Club Spa: Restful Resolutions for two

Wow is a word which I feel sums this experience up. Never have I had more ?quality time? with my partner than when we went for this utterly amazing Spa Day at The Club Hotel and Spa.

The day got off to a good start with my partner arriving before me. (Usually I arrive before him, then I send a text, then a few panicked answer phone messages, swiftly followed by an angry text full of expletives.) However as I walked through the reception there he was waiting patiently (with a rather smug look because he?d beaten me there). We went into the spa together; I felt like the whole thing was a big act, and we were masquerading as the ideal couple who do this sort of thing all the time. The receptionist suspected nothing as we held hands and smiled fondly at each other (possibly for the first time since we were interviewed by our son?s prep school).

The receptionist handed us over huge soft robes, slippers and towels and led us down to their pool and relaxation area; which has soft lighting, herbal refreshments and luxurious loungers inviting you to rest and recline. And that is exactly what I did! My partner however decided to try everything out. He started with a dip in their salt pool, and a sit on the hydrotherapy bench and then had a go in the herbal steam room, followed by a sauna and experience shower to cool off. At that point the receptionist popped down to lead us up to our lunch.

We had both opted for the chicken and mushroom risotto and it was delicious. It felt so decadent to be sitting in robes in the middle of the day eating delicious food. The sun was shining on their outside pool area and it literally felt like we were on holiday.

After lunch we were led through to a beautifully designed mosaic-tiled shower room and steam room. The therapist told us that she would leave us to put the salt scrub all over one another?s bodies, then shower it off, then we had to go into the steam room and cover ourselves in a mud solution and then sit and relax.  We were like kids in a sweet shop, we were so excited. There was such a lovely feeling of being away from everything. We then showered the smoothing salt concoction off and went into the little steam room chamber and had a lovely time sloshing mud all over each other! We then sat down to let the steam get to work. I found it such a lovely bonding experience, we never get a chance to have real fun and this was just the perfect way to get close and really spoil ourselves. Once the steam stopped we pressed a little button and jets of water washed all the remaining mud off our newly rejuvenated and softened skin.

We made our way back to the Relaxation Room and there was just time for a glass of iced water before our two therapists came to lead us to our double treatment room.  We then had our back massages and facials. I?ve had quite a few facials in my time (every time I look in the mirror without makeup on, in utter despair, I convince myself I deserve a facial) and I can happily report that this was the nicest one I have ever had; there was so much attention to pressure points and scalp massage throughout, and my therapist was just obscenely gifted at neck and shoulder massages ? utter bliss.  On the other hand it was my partner?s first, however he was really happy with it, he said it was really bizarre and nice to have all the different textures of products put on his skin and he loved how clean and revitalized his skin felt afterwards. The two hours spent on the massages and facials flew by, when the therapists left the room to let us get up in our own time, we exchanged matching disbelieving looks at just how nice our day had been.

We finished back in the Relaxation Room, (which is very aptly named!) totally ?blissed out? just lying there figuring out how on earth everything could have gone so well.  I would like to write a thank you letter to whoever invented the Restful Resolutions Package. Five stars. This is literally an unmissable offer.

The Club Spa 876500
Restful Resolutions Package £95 per person
Available as a gift voucher


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