Best enjoyed from your local producers ? ignore the all year round bank-breaking varieties and enjoy it at its best from our local soil. Its nutritional value decreases rapidly once picked, so it?s important to buy it fresh. Asparagus has an endless list of nutrients and is very low in calories ? 4 calories per spear! Lovely served simply with hollandaise, or with parmesan and Parma ham as a light summer dish. Alternatively, serve it with flaked salmon, cannellini beans and capers to create a salad fit for any barbeque.


Sea Bass 

A beautifully delicate fish, but equally meaty at the same time. Best treated simply, baked whole with some fresh parsley and lemon and served with some Jersey Royals and seasonal veg – delicious. Bass is versatile, as it can be barbequed, roasted and grilled or filleted and gently steamed. Matches well with Asian flavours as well as more complex dishes.  When buying, check the eyes – they should appear bright and clear to signify freshness and the fish should never smell ?fishy?! Fish should figure in  our diet at least twice a week for essential omega 3.



Although they are at their most expensive, the sweet cherries available now are sensationally sweet and tasty.  Rich in flavour and a great fruit to graze on throughout the day to stave off the  naughty sugar cravings, they?re beautiful made into jams and compotes, and great served with yoghurt.  Or alternatively you can stick to the more traditional and impress with a Black Forest gateau. The dark colour is a sign that the cherries are packed with nutrients and vitamins. 


Jersey Royals

With Jamie Oliver recently showcasing Royals at the G-20 dinner in London, these gems are literally rolling onto our doorsteps in abundance. Waxy rather than floury, they have a lovely delicate flavour. Brilliant in summer salads or served simply to showcase their award winning flavour, they match perfectly with mint.  Buy unwashed and get scrubbing ? we are seeing food at its best here.  They?re a great energy food and surprisingly a good source of vitamin C (100g provides you with 25% of your RDA)!



Rocket grows very well in the British climate and it?s easy to grow yourself. It has an intense peppery flavour that stands out with milder flavours like mozzarella and avocadom and complements pasta and risottos very well. Try with a goat?s cheese salad, or match with a homemade Thai chicken burger – great for a light summer meal with friends.  Rocket can perk up the most boring of salads and transform a simple starter into a crowd pleaser, try with some freshly grated parmesan. 



As we are heading into the early summer months, this herb can be enjoyed in endless sweet and savoury dishes. Try in a couscous salad alongside fresh basil and flat leaf parsley with some sweet colourful raw veg (peppers, carrots, spring onion, the list is endless!) Serve over some Jersey Royals or sprinkle over some sweet lemon sorbet. Or in the warm evenings, enjoy in a refreshing Mojito, muddled with lime, sugar and rum – bring on the summer! 

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