take your car to uni for free....

take your car to uni for free….

OK, so we can’t help with the fees, you’ll have to leave that to Mum and Dad but why not get to and from university the easy way – with Condor Ferries. Even better, why not do it for free?

It’s not easy being a student. Every few months you pack up most of your belongings, head to the airport and then recoil in horror at the baggage charges. So how do you avoid these hidden costs? Easy, pack it all in the back of the car and travel by ferry to the UK with Condor Ferries.

We’ve teamed up with Condor to offer one lucky student, resident in Jersey and attending a UK university the chance to travel free of charge between the island and England, with a car, six times over the next academic year.

There are big advantages in taking your car packed full of all your belongings are huge and so easy to arrange with Condor Ferries. And don’t forget you can purchase your duty free on board as you travel.

We want you to stay in touch with us during your year at university – let us know how things are going and share your experiences with other Jersey students in the UK. How? By keeping a regular diary as you blog on both the Condor Ferries travel blog and here in Gallery.

For a chance to win this prize of free travel to and from university for a year:
In 150 characters or less, tell us what you’d take in the boot of your car for the best year at university? Be creative – we won’t tell your tutors! Email win@gallery.je

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