Stray flares and new chairs

Stray flares and new chairs

Stray flares and new chairs
Jersey Harbours had much to say in November

On the 5th of November, it seems not all event-holders opted for conventional fireworks. For whatever reason (cost-cutting, last-minute organisation, blatant juvenile delinquency or typical Jersey tightness) some bright spark(ler)s joined the island-wide celebrations by firing distress flares.

Unfortunately the crew aboard the Commodore Goodwill, which was anchored in St Aubin’s Bay at the time, were well positioned to pick out signals amid the genuine pyrotechnics illuminating the night sky.  

Assuming that the flare was genuine, the Jersey Coastguard responded to each alert (15 in all). Shots fired from boats moored in the bay were fairly easy to deal with. Those who had taken flares from their vessels for use on land were harder to reach. With maximum run-up, the coastguard was able to ‘skim’ to all incidents in the Bel Royal and St Lawrence

area (although dragging the boat
back to the water each time was a bit of a fag.)  The Coastguard’s response time to a signal sighted over the northern parishes required a bit more effort. Luckily the team had a Land Rover and trailer to hand.

Aside from dealing with partying pillocks, in November Jersey Harbours announced the creation of a new shadow board to oversee aspects of its operations and those of Jersey Airport. Unfortunately the Appointments Commission rejected God, JC, Allah and a host of other saints as suitable candidates. It appears that mere mortals will be tasked with performing the miracles necessary to turn the Island’s air and sea fortunes around.

The board will be chaired by Mr Charles Clarke, a Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years experience in the finance industry.

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