States employees win £1.5m holiday


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Despite voting against everyone getting a day off in February, Jersey politicians gave a big thumbs up to giving every states employee a day off because Liberation Day fell on a Saturday last year. Nick Corbel, from Unite, said the move was recently approved with the States employment board. Chief minister Senator Ian Gorst, who chairs the board, said it was in the interests of “good employment relations”. He originally voted against the extra day’s leave for all islanders, which included States staff, but said the change came after several months’ discussion. Attrition is a powerful force.

If we’re talking holiday, what about February 29th? Does anyone have a 366 day a year contract? Probably not. That means you could have been working a whole day for free once every four years. Call 0844 300300 today and speak to a no-win no-fee holiday reclaim consultant now. We’re joking, but if PPI is anything to go by, someone would probably take your case on.

An extra day off is all good. It does cost though, with the average states worker earning £180 a day and there being 8140 of them. That’s £1,465,200 in pay to cover for an extra cheeky day off this year. It makes £15k for a couple of business class flights (to..ahem… allegedly prevent some BA gold card statuses from running out – 😉 )  seem pretty cheap really?

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