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It’s never to early to start planning a stag weekend. As part of his placement with us we got our Project Trident Student (George Lewis) to learn all about options for a stag weekend.

What makes the perfect stag? Is it embarrassing the groom’s “last weekend of freedom” or is it giving him so much happiness that he regrets his whole entire marriage? For those who haven’t got the faintest idea what a stag is: the stag is a party held for a groom shortly before he enters the doom of marriage.

Generally organized by the groom’s best man, the stag is the perfect send off before the ball and chain. But what is the best thing to do – a weekend in Vegas, SWAT training in Bristol or some other wacky idea that would only seem reasonable on a stag trip? Mostly the stag includes excessive as well as immense regret the morning after. Those who have watched The Hangover may be a tad disappointed that your stag will probably not involve stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger and marrying a stripper. That still doesn’t mean that the stag can’t become one of the most memorable weekends of your life.

Las Vegas: what can beat it? Bright lights, incredible gambling spots, spectacular stage shows and of course 24-hour drinking. You probably all know this though. Closer to home from Amsterdam to Zurich, European cities are becoming the stag weekends of dreams. You’ve heard about them on the news; some guy is getting married, his mates have thrown him a stag in Prague or Riga and the morning after they’re seen barely dressed being escorted by the police to the airport. Nearly every male will have dreamt of that unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam, Paris or Madrid. This doesn’t mean you should be limited to the big boys of the European cities. As Island dwellers, why not seek the familiar? Ibiza has some of the greatest night life in Europe. Think you’re past it? Why? The Ibizan lifestyle should suit any age, depending on your mindset. It’s a ‘must do’ for everyone and provides the groom a proper taste of freedom before marriage.

Not keen on long haul… have no fear, surely the UK can solve all your stag worries? There’s night life, adventure and of course the UK can provide an excellent sporting stag. Golf, football and even car racing, whatever you fancy.

Bored of the city night life? Starting to get a little bit tired of the constant drinking? Well then a golfing stag will be your dream come true. A few close friends, a nice hotel, scenic views, perfect weather and the occasional drink – what could be more relaxing? Not enough excitement? Perhaps a car racing stag, extreme dodgems or go karting.  A racing stag is bound to bring the Lewis Hamilton out of everyone but just make sure you drink after the activity! In researching the perfect stag, I came across by far the weirdest idea I have ever heard; the Human Table Football Stag.  Yes, just to clarify, I did just say Human Table Football. Human Table Football is a giant inflatable version of the popular pub table football game. In it, you and your stag party will play football in a huge inflatable arena attached by Velcro to plastic poles which slide from side to side. If it’s nearly as ludicrous as it sounds it should be a lot of fun.
If you’re keen for some local nightlife, London is the place for you. Isn’t it  without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest capital in the world?  But what if the greatest city in the world doesn’t do it for you – is there anything for the adventurers in the world, the Indiana Joneses, the James Bonds? Well of course there is and what can be better then SWAT training in Bristol. Let’s face it; when someone asks what you did for your stag what could be cooler then saying Swat Training? Three hours of intense training followed by two hours of a incredibly fun SWAT scenario. If using real guns doesn’t take your fancy, there is always paint balling. Paint balling is one of the archetypal stag weekend choices. If you fancy yourself as Rambo or Jason Bourne well then there really is one option and be prepared to get dirty.
From Miami to Ibiza to Bristol for the grooms out there and all you fortunate friends and  best men, get prepared for one big ol’ stag.

Extra reading….

Las Vegas
Simply look on this site and you’ll be a couple clicks away from completing your dream of a Las Vegas Stag. or call
0845 130 5225.

Bristol SWAT training
Catch your interest? Of course it did – and if you’re man enough to arrange this trip of a lifetime, check out or call
0845 450 8269.

Yearning for a crazy night life in the the greatest party island in the world?
Look at or give them a call on 0208 236 0111.

The Human Football Table Stag
If I was going to talk about arranging a stag how could I possibly forget the best sounding stag of them all: Human Table Football.  Find out all about the joys of playing at or by calling 0845 130 5225.


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