FeaturesSkills Jersey announces sponsorship of new award for Jersey Enterprise Awards

Skills Jersey announces sponsorship of new award for Jersey Enterprise Awards

Skills Jersey announces sponsorship of new award for Jersey Enterprise Awards

A new Development of People Award has been introduced for the Jersey Enterprise Awards 2010.
The award is being sponsored by Skills Jersey and has been designed to acknowledge businesses which make a sustained effort to invest in people, both within their organisation and in the wider Island community.
Skills Jersey board member Peter Walsh said that the award would recognise businesses that have a clear training and development strategy, who provide and promote opportunities for their own staff and young people on the island as well as those who face particular disadvantages in the workplace.
Businesses that prioritise investment in skills not only reap many benefits themselves but also make a huge contribution to the prospects for the Island’s future workforce and the economy as a whole,’ said Mr Walsh.
Sponsoring this award means that Skills Jersey is reinforcing the message that investment in training and development is as good for the Island as it is for individuals. It also provides us with the opportunity to raise the profile of those companies which are already setting the standard of training at a high level,’ said Richard Plaster.
The closing date for entries for the Development of People Award is Monday 10 January 2011.
The Awards Gala will be held on Friday 4 March 2011 at Fort Regent and the layout has been reconfigured to allow even more businesses to book tables. Last year’s event, which was attended by 820 people, was over-subscribed. Once again, the keynote speaker will be sponsored by the Garenne Group and the Champagne reception by Rothschild.
Application forms for the nine awards and the closing dates for entries for all the awards are available at


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