Sex, thugs & coastal strolls…

Russ Atkinson
Russ joined Factory having completed his degree in Graphic Design at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Handling the rare combination of a mastery of both words and images, Russ lends his writing skills to his overarching responsibility for design and production scheduling. Russ loves building BMWs of both the 2 and 4 wheel variety.

If you’re a reality-TV junkie who’s suffering as a result of the lack of new reality TV shows now that only a handful of camera operators are actually allowed out in public and nobody’s allowed to get within two metres of anybody they don’t live with, then oh boy do we have a treat in store for you…

Who needs scripted, faked reality when the real deal is practically on our doorstep and streaming live through the internet 24/7? Scenes of a sexual nature inappropriate for younger audiences, violence, stunning backdrops; Alderney’s Puffin Cams have got it all.

Get on the edge of your seat and witness puffin v. rabbit showdowns in an ongoing cliffside turf war to see which side’s bid for dominance is successful on the ‘main cam’; switch to ‘colony cam’ to get the latest word from the street… er, sea; or why not feast your eyes on ‘close-up cam’ to see what’s in your favourite puffin’s grocery bag this week – like a strange, fish-heavy take on Supermarket Sweep – except without the irritating high-pitched sound effects. And that’s just Dale Winton, let alone the checkout beeps. This is partly because a puffin’s call isn’t particularly high-pitched, but also because the camera is situated a couple of miles offshore and there’s no microphone in any case.

All joking aside, we challenge you to find anyone who isn’t a sucker for a puffin, and these cameras are an excellent way to sneak a peek at these oft elusive little flying beasts, so check them out by visiting: www.