Thalia, Baxter and Bear



Thalia  Goddess 

Baxter  French bulldog

Bear  English bulldog


Thalia  23

Baxter 8 months

Bear 8 months


Thalia   Spinning and the beach

Baxter  Having his temperature taken at the vets… it’s the French in him 

Bear  Preying on innocent seagulls, (still desperate to catch one!)


Thalia  Scary films and being forced to watch the rugby by my  boyfriend

Baxter  Being told what to do

Bear His temperature being taken at the vets!

If you could be any human or animal:  

Thalia  That dog that got left $20million in Miami and has his own mansion

Baxter  Hugh Hefner.

Bear  Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Thalia  Baxter to behave

Baxter  World Domination

Bear  Baxter to stop stealing his bed


Fascinating facts: 

Thalia   Trained Miss World contestants

Baxter  Marie Antoinette had French bulldogs imported from London

Bear  Bulldogs are the second oldest breed of dog in Britain, second to mastiffs


Most impressive thing ever done:

Thalia  House trained Baxter!

Baxter  Surfs down sand dunes on his tummy

Bear  Managed to stay awake for more than an hour once!