A relaxing retreat

A relaxing retreat

march_105_guinea_pig_Les_Roches_Indoor_heated_poolThere’s nothing quite like indulging in a luxury spa treatment when the weather is cold and dismal outside. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance when I was asked to review the latest Mother’s Day pampering package at Les Roches Spa.
Surrounded by a picturesque summer spa garden and nestled at the end of a winding country road, this intimate spa certainly stands out from the crowd. From the hot tub, which offers unblemished views of the gardens outside, to the soothing sauna and the plush loungers that surround the spacious indoor heated pool, everything about Les Roches Spa radiates relaxation.
I arrive for my treatment at 10.15am and almost instantly find myself ensconced in a fluffy robe. Quite content, I lie by the waterside perusing the spa’s ample collection of reading material. After a quick dip in the pool, I decide to try out the Jacuzzi and sauna. Feeling suitably relaxed, I’m ready for my first treatment to begin.
Moments later I’m cocooned in the blissful serenity of one of the idyllic treatment rooms, the hustle and bustle of the outside world seems a million miles away. And by cocooned, I mean literally. A typical spa journey usually begins with a massage; my treatment however, begins with a ‘Cocooning Capsule’ relaxation session.
Once encased inside the capsule, I’m greeted with a mixture of sweet scents, tranquil music and pleasant vibrations. Minutes later and I feel a little like I’m floating – and as if my magic – all my tensions are beginning to melt away.
Back in the comforting arms of the plush poolside lounger, I’m informed my next treatment is to be the Terre & Mer Organic Facial. This truly relaxing ritual combines marine ingredients with Mediterranean plants, and unlike the average facial, includes with a welcoming back massage. As the sweet smells of lavender oil fill the room, I’m instantly transported to another world. Organic concentrates, creams and serums (all of which are effective, sensorial and safe) are applied to my skin, shortly followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage. Although I wish I could prolong this spa experience forever, I know it must come to an end, but not before concluding with an equally relaxing Le Remedi handcare treatment.
After my treatment, I’m beckoned to the poolside, where a flute of bubbles and a bowl brimming with strawberries awaits my arrival – the perfect end to an already idyllic few hours.
My skin feels nourished and appears naturally radiant, and I can’t say I’m surprised. With an impressive menu of restorative and organic ingredients, Les Roches Spa have definitely opted for the healing, nurturing and intuitive approach. I leave the spa a more luminous, polished version of my former self with the sweet smells of the ocean still lingering on my face.
The Mother’s Day Excellence package boasts the perfect combination of natural beauty and relaxation and is an ideal gift for that special somebody.

£89 per person or £172 for two. Call 487856 to book.


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