FeaturesPet of the Month: Tillie

Pet of the Month: Tillie


What’s your morning routine?  Lovely walk in the woods which is just down the road from our house, the dogs really love it as there are plenty of rabbits and squirrels to chase. 

Describe your perfect weekend day together: On the beach on a sunny morning with Tillies favourite pink ball chasing it down the beach, if its high tide, she loves swimming in the sea after her ball. We will then head for the Gunsite sit and have a cup of tea while Tillie has a slice of bacon.

Meal for two, where are you heading and what are you eating? Our favourite place is Bernie’s in the central market as they are dog friendly. They do lovely food, Tillie has some roast beef from the delicatessen opposite.


Breed: Jersey Bean

Age: Not 21 any more 

Likes: The sunny warm weather

Hates: Cruelty of any kind 

If you were an animal, you would be:  Anyone of my three dogs as they are loved so much and very much cared for too. 

Wants: Nothing really as I have lovely family and friends around me so what more could you want. 

Interesting facts: I have held a PSV licence for over 30 years, and I’ve passed my retain firefighters test too.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Had two amazing sons Michael and Jack of whom I’m very proud.


Breed: Rough coated Jack Russell

Age: 4 on the 28th March

Likes: Her pink ball on the beach swimming in the sea

Hates: Being left at home alone

If human I would be: Very smart pretty and very loving

Wants: Plenty of fuss and attention

Interesting facts: Jack Russells were developed in Devonshire, England and named after Parson John (Jack) Russell in the 1800s he used them for hunting out foxes.

Most impressive thing she’s ever done: Had 10 gorgeous puppies was an amazing mum to them all till they left at 10 weeks old to their loving homes.

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