Pet of the month: Parker and Jamie


Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
Age: 4
Likes: Anything that I shouldn’t.
Hates: Loud noises.
If I was a human I would be: Without a doubt Forrest Gump! I could run forever, I’m wholeheartedly loyal and yet thick as sh*t….
Wants: To be included in family spaghetti Bolognese nights, but they don’t seem to want to allow that to happen!
Interesting facts: I was the runt of a large litter and it was touch and go for a while whether I’d survive. It meant I needed some extra TLC as a pup and as a result I now have a special bond with Jamie.
Most impressive thing I’ve ever done: I once ate an entire fresh Perigord truffle that Jamie had stupidly left on his desk at work. It was worth £180 and it was delicious!

Jamie Racjan

Breed: Bean
Age: 39
Likes: Music, wine, family and food (pretty much in that order).
Hates: Parker’s breath!
If I was an animal I would be:  To be honest apart from his stinky breath I wouldn’t mind a crack at Parker’s life.
He’s basically a prince.
Wants: To have rhythm.
Interesting facts: I sourced and supplied the ingredients for FatBoy Slim’s wedding lunch.
Most impressive thing I’ve ever done: Admitted I had a problem, asked for help and overcame a very severe fear of flying, It has changed my life.

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