FeaturesPet of the Month: Henry

Pet of the Month: Henry


When our local barista asks to feature her little buddy in our Pet of the Month, how could we say no!? This month CafeJAC’s Ellie Pedley introduces us to Henry, her Tibetan Terrier.

Describe Henry’s personality in three words:

That Little Chap

What’s your morning routine?

We’ll usually get up and walk down the lanes, check up on the cows and try not to be behind the dog who doesn’t like to be followed from next door.

Describe your perfect weekend day together:

On the weekend we head to puppy class, then usually find time to have a walk on the Railway Walk then a bit of down time.

Meal for two, where are you heading and what are you eating?

Cafe JAC, of course! Pancakes all the way!


Breed: Human – I hope….

Age: 20

Likes: Thankfully not crackers,

they’re reserved for Henry only.

Hates: Windy weather!

If I was an animal I would be:

Hopefully as lovely a dog as Henry

Wants: A well behaved dog

Interesting facts: 5 Island Walks done,

only 15 more to catch up with Mum..!


Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Age: 7 months

Likes: Crackers, Other dogs and bit of

Chris Evans in the morning

Hates: The annoying dog that’s always in the garden… We’ve tried to explain that it’s his reflection

If human I would be : A farmer

Wants: Female dogs for country walks

interesting facts: My Pedigree name was Feline Fine

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done:

Found the mascara!

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