FeaturesPet of the Month: Heinz Longbody

Pet of the Month: Heinz Longbody

Heinz Longbody

Breed: Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund
Age: 3 yrs
Likes: Chicken – chasing and eating, digging, barking and snuggles – preferably IN a jumper with a human.
Hates: Baths and being left alone… Even for one minute…  I need love at all times!
If human I would be: An Abercrombie & Fitch model
Wants: Love, chicken, snuggles, chicken, toys and did I mention chicken..?
Interesting facts: My breed traditionally hunt badgers, but I am a fine gentleman and wouldn’t want to get my paws dirty!
Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: I have been kayaking on the Dordogne and protected my humans by barking at everyone who passed us.

Georgina Noel

Breed:  Human.
Age: 33
Likes: Muay Thai, chocolate and animals.
Hates: Animal cruelty and broccoli.
If I was an animal I would be: A large cat… maybe a lioness…
Wants: Comfort, food, Muay Thai and Heinz snuggles obviously!
Interesting facts: I am part of a three part harmony trio called Optimistic Voices so I go from fight training to seamed stockings and glamour in a heartbeat – I like the variety!
Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Worked in Borneo with Orangutans for three months

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