Pet of the Month

Breed: Staffador (Staffy Labrador Cross)
Likes: Kisses, cuddles, watching football with my dad, eating crisps, lazy Sundays and going to the beach!
Hates: People crossing over the road when they see me.
If human/animal he would be: A real human boy.
Wants: To go on holiday now that I have my passport.
Interesting facts: I can bury bones, toys and treats in the garden and find them months later!
Most impressive thing ever done: When my mum was attacked by another dog I sat with her the whole time licking her wounds until the ambulance came.

Breed:  Human
Likes:  Champagne, shopping and SHOES!
Hates: General ignorance and blanket negative media attitude towards Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
If human/animal she would be: A penguin.
Wants: More shoes.
Interesting facts: Has enough shoes to open my own shop.
Most impressive thing ever done: Marrying my gorgeous and very patient husband, Dan.

- A word from our sposor -

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